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Maps - especially world maps - have always been a fascinating piece of science to me. I remember, when I was a kid I was drawing maps of my local lake and of course treasure maps. Later in school I lost myself gazing at the world map - not paying attention to the teacher at all. And now it is possible to fly from space into your backyard using "Google Earth". Satellite imagery, terrain maps and 3D buildings can be accessed in no time. Sometimes rather strange and odd things can be found on those "Google Earth"-maps too. This is presented in the world-map of fun section of the website.

Nevertheless, I think it would be good to combine this "world-map-entertainment" with some additional information. Of course Google Earth is a great resource. But who is actually able to point out the earths crust subduction zones, the currents of oceans and the boundaries of the continents on a world map after using Google Earth? Sadly there are only a few good teaching resources that are determined to do that in the whole Internet. And even less websites are using modern interactive presentation forms like Flash or Java, that are able to deliver complex facts in a matter of seconds.

At the moment I’m just providing templates of all continets, that could be used as teaching resources. I hope to find the time to provide some interactive teaching material soon as well.

World Map Part
Screen shoot of the world map templates